African Union


Regions include: East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, North Africa

The African Union is an example of an organization working to usher in an age of interconnectedness among people in Africa and the African Diaspora.

The African Union defines the African Diaspora as “Consisting of people of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union.”

The African Union invites and encourages the African Diaspora to participate in the building and development of the African continent. Here, the main goal is to building the global African family in the service of the development and integration agenda of the continent.

Within this context, the Diaspora Division serves as the counterpart of the Civil Society Division for the diaspora. As such, it carries out responsibilities that its counterpart performs for civil society for the African Diaspora.

Core Responsibilities of the Division

  • Mainstreaming Diaspora participation in the African Union agenda across departments, partnership frameworks and the wide range of policy activity including the flagship Agenda 2063.
  • Strengthening the operational capacity of the African Union to support Diaspora involvement in AU activities through regular communication and flow of information on AU events and activities and vice-visa, cross-fertilization of AU program with Diaspora activities and mapping of African Diaspora around the world.
  • Serving as focal point for accreditation of Diaspora organizations and networks as observers, delegates and participants at AU Summit and other meetings.
  • Managing and coordinating other forms of interaction between the AU and Diaspora organizations worldwide. This includes collaboration on policy and advocacy efforts of Diaspora networks and coalitions, technical support and assistance, enabling framework of cooperation and working relations.
  • Enabling participation of Diaspora in CSO pre- Summit forums and promoting effective collaboration between Diaspora Civil Society Organization and approximate bodies on the continent.
  • Promoting of effective linkages between the Diaspora and various organs of the union including, ECOSOCC, PSC and Pan African Parliament (PAP) among others.
  • Interfacing the African Diaspora with the work of different departments of the AU Commission and their programs and efforts.

The program of activities are however, adapted to the context in which the program for Diaspora participation in AU activities of the Diaspora Division developed within the context of the protocol on the amendment to the Constitutive Act of 2003.