Eddie Murphy Reveals That President Obama Asked About Covering His Grey Hairs


Eddie Murphy recently recalled a conversation he once had with President Barack Obama—and it might not be what you expect.

The Dolemite Is My Name actor was on The Late Show on Friday night, when he told  host Stephen Colbert a story about meeting the former president in 2015 when Murphy was receiving the Mark Twain Prize.

After asking Murphy when he would be returning to stand-up, Obama then went on to question him about the products—specifically the rinse—that he uses in his hair.

“I was like, what?” Murphy told Colbert, explaining that Obama noticed he had no grey hairs (Murphy is only a few months older than the president).

“He was like, ‘That doesn’t make me feel any better’,” Murphy added.

“It’s a great picture I have of me talking to him in the White House … and it looks like we’re having this thing, and at that moment he’s going ‘so, what kind of rinse do you use?’” said Murphy.

And if you’re wondering, the answer is no, Murphy does not use a rinse or color his hair.

You can watch the full segment here

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