Enough Of Cultural Pan-Africanism – Mawuna Koutonin


Africans need technological panafricanism. We meet to create things, to hack, to launch. (Not to listen, to drink, to copulate and feel high and repeat) Enough Of Cultural Pan-Africanism – Mawuna Koutonin

We need business panafricanism. Put money together, launch a bank, a retail store, build a hotel!

I said death to cultural panafricanism for now. Enough of history worms and unshaved gurus!

Long live technological panafricanism. Long live scientific panafricanism. Long live business panafricanism.

The Scandinavian countries in Europe contributed almost nothing to the world past glorious history, however they are currently the most advanced countries in the world with the highest standard of living and human rights.

Enough Of Cultural Pan-Africanism - Mawuna Koutonin

Enough Of Cultural Pan-Africanism – Mawuna Koutonin

The Greeks, the Africans, the Italians got great ancestors but are now minions in the world, with low status.

Past historical glory got you nothing in this present world if you are not aspiring to be as great as your ancestors.

Lazy, undisciplined, incompetent, loud mouth people quoting here and there the great achievements of their ancestors would get nowhere, and, certainly won’t turn magically into great achievers.

Knowing our history is good and necessary, but I found that most of the panafricanists obsessed with recalling and chanting the past glory of Africa are people with very low self confidence and seeking attention from white people among whom they are living.

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt…But where are the African mathematicians as great as the Egyptian mathematicians. Where are the great African architects and builders as the Egyptians?

Cultural Pan-Africanism - Mawuna Koutonin

Cultural Pan-Africanism – Mawuna Koutonin

Are you a great African mathematician working on Egyptian mathematics because it’s our history, or just another human parrot talking about Egyptian mathematicians as late days journalist on Facebook?

Mali, Mali, Mali…But where are the African traders as great as the Malian empire traders? Where are the African scholars as great as Timbuktu University teachers?

Are you a great trader who want to conquer the world using ancient knowledge from Malian empire traders or just another armchair intellectual spitting Wikipedia available knowledge to existentially avoid feeling the pain of our current low status in the world?

Benin, Benin, Benin…But where are the African slavery fighters, city designers, as great Benin nationalists, city designers?

Are you an aspiring politician learning the knowledge of Benin empire kings to resist greed from selling your owns, and making the design of our cities to be the best in fractals and summits of artworks in the world?

Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe… But where are the African empire builders as the great Zimbabwe economists, traders, architects and designers?

Ghana, Ghana, Ghana…But where are the Yaa Asantiwaa fighters, empire builders, excellent traders, herbal medicine specialists, engineers, farmers?

Are you an economist who want to build up a world Trade Center in Africa using the knowledge from the ancient great Zimbabwe trading empire?

Our ancestors were great. That make us proud. Now, would you be called a ‘great ancestor’ by upcoming generations?

How great are you?
What great thing are you working on?
How would you be remembered in history books?

Scandinavians did not have great ancestors, but they have made themselves into great people their descendants would be proud of in history books.

Be great today, to become a great ancestor tomorrow. Not another lazy pan-africanist.