God Chose Black People


God chose to create the first human beings in the Land of Blacks. He formed them from the earth, and though they gave birth to sin; God never gave up on them. Black people are central to Old Testament and New Testament narratives. Ezekiel was a Black man, and so was his father and their ancestors.

Black people are the living embodiment of people who rebelled against God, as well as, those who walked in obedience and submission to God. Black people are the chosen; they are know to history as patriots, prophets, Kings, and Queens. There is no history where black people are not present. Black people are present in biblical history, and world history going back to the very beginning of human life on earth.

European historians do the world a great disservice in their deliberate exclusion of Black people from their history. They do the world a greater disservice in the lies they perpetuate about Black people.