Does God’s Love Abide In You


The love of God indwells the heart of all who abide in Christ. For those who abide in Christ, Christ abides in them; as God abides in Christ. God’s love never abandons us, never leaves us; but is there to preserves us through the storms of life.
Many of the philosophies, as well as, the knowledge and wisdom of this world are tools used by Satan and demons as they conspire to disrupt and discourage our relationship and fellowship with God. Satan wants our loyalty, and he wants us to follow him to hell.
God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to defeat Satan, which was fulfilled when Jesus rose from the grave. Jesus ascended to his throne in heaven and God sent the Holy Spirit to ensure our participation in Satan’s defeat; granting us victory over sin and death.
And so, the indwelling Spirit of God is our anchor; and as storms come and go, the Holy Spirt, God’s love is present to keep us safe from hurt, harm; trails and temptation. God’s Spirit calms the storms.