God Is Our Shepherd


God watches over all creation, i.e., the earth, air, and universe. God holds all of creation in the palm of his hand. And all of creation is a witness and testifies to the existence of God.

And even though God watches over the universe, with His whole heart He watches over you and me. He watches over us because we are His special creation; created in His image and likeness. And because He loves us more than we can comprehend.

To help us understand His love for us, He gave us His only begotten Son, and if we believe in Him, we have eternal life. And so, He watches over us. He watches over us as we travel the roads of life on earth, ensuring that are travels will lead us home; home is Heaven.

We get lost sometimes, and sometimes we find ourselves sinking in sin, but God is with us, He finds us, and reminds us that we belong to Him. He is the God of our salvation; He is the good Shepherd!