Mission Statement

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africans and African Descendants; fostering spiritual affirmation, unity and solidarity. To nurture the hearts and minds of Africans and African Descendants with God’s promises, and freedom, which can be achieved when we stand up for truth, justice, peace, love and one another.


TrueWord Ministry is an evangelism ministry, which is a branch of ministry that strives to reach and speak to the people outside church walls. It’s goal is to proclaim God’s word, God’s promises, and God’s plan for human beings as seen through biblical lenses.

TrueWord Ministries (TWM) does not exclude anyone from its ministry of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, TWM is called to minister to the Africa and African Descendants. As such, TWM’s concern is the cultural, social, educational, economic, political, judicial, and spiritual condition of the African Diaspora.

The African Diaspora consist of worldwide communities of people who are descendants of native Africans or African people. These communities include, but are not limited to North and South America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, Tobago, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, Middle East, and Asia.

The African Diaspora is one of the largest communities in the world, who’s origin can be traced to the “Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.” Consequently, there are ancestral bonds intrinsic to the African Diaspora community that can never be broken irrespective of citizenship and nationality.

The African Diaspora, i.e., Black people the world over share the ideological belief that Africa is the Mother Land, the country of their origin. And the awareness of a common ancestry, and the greatness of that ancestry is indelible in the survival narrative of the African Diaspora.

After centuries of poverty, exploitation, subservience, and sub-human treatment the African Diaspora’s faith in God remains unwavering. Therefore, TWM will contact, and network with local, regional and international institutions and organizations who’s objectives are to live in a world where human rights, religious freedom, equal protection under the law, and personal and community development are afforded to all African Descendants.

Included are: educational institutions, political institutions, civil rights and human rights organizations, religious institutions, business and trade organizations, as well as government institutions.