Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mission Statement

Trueword Ministries’ is on a mission to develop a ministry for the African Diaspora. The majority of people displaced from African are in North America, and Brazil. Our ministry is centralized in the United States of America, where we hope to garner the resources it takes to make our ministry a viable platform for making a difference in the world.

As an innovative, life transforming ministry, TWN accepts the call to serve the underserved, to help where help is needed, and to give honor where honor is due. Jesus gave us the task of decimating the Gospel to the world.  Therefore, we will interact and engage people and communities of the African Diaspora offering spiritual, theological, educational, economic and social resources. In  this way, we are witnesses that God in Christ is among us; having sent the Holy Spirt to lead the way.

The African Diaspora consist of worldwide communities of people who are descendants of native Africans or African peoples. These communities include, but are not limited to North and South America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, Tobago, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, Ecuador, Middle East, and Asia.  According to Wikipedia there are 89,922,682 million people of African decent living in the above communities. Note: TWM, believes Wikipedia grossly understates the population numbers, and that there are far more African descendants living in the above communities than their numbers reflect.

In the early 20th century institutionalized racial segregation centralized in the American south adopted the “one drop rule, which defined and recorded anyone with any discernible African ancestry as black. And so, our attention to the African Diaspora must include Black People, Mulattos, and other designated people groups with ancestors traced back to Africa. 

Wikipedia stipulates that there are 1,037.524,058 (1.03 billion) African living on the African continent. TWN, believes these numbers were drawn from a hat. The information available in mainstream media, and literature contain data and statistics that are not supported by empirical sources. For alternative data we turned too, According to their statistics, there are 2,952,141,855 (2.95 billion) Africans living on the African continent, which is almost three times the number reported by Wikipedia.

The African Diaspora offers us the opportunity to facilitate growth and prosperity for people that are often treated bad and oppressed. There are people living in African Diaspora who have stories; people who suffer daily from hunger and thirst, dying and death, natural disasters, displacement, and the devastation of war. TWM, having the heart of Jesus Christ, is called to the ministry of working among the people of God, for God. And so, we hope to foster a sense of  compassion and passion among all humanity, as we open our doors for for people from every nation and tribe to participate.             

The history of the African Diaspora is rich with spiritual revelation. God was present in the lives of the ancestors, and He is present in the lives of people who make up the African Diaspora today.  The people of the African Diaspora belong to the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom is rich in resources.

While focusing our ministry on the African Diaspora, we advocate that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. We have faith in God who cares and is present in the life of every human being. 1 John 4:21 says, “And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”  And so, we proffer that our ultimate mission is to advocate for love of God to reign in our families, communities, and countries; and most of all in our hearts and minds.