Mission Statement

Trueword Ministries’ was founded by Reverend Stephen C. Small, resulting from years of training and dedication, after being called by Jesus Christ to serve in the church, community and world. Intrinsic to TWM’s work, is the desire to serve the downtrodden and poor.

The Africa Diaspora consist of Black people who were separated from their homes and families during the North Atlantic Slave Trade. As we work to reach the world for Jesus Christ, it is our goal to foster healing and inclusion among blacks of the diaspora, their neighbors, and the communities where they now live.

As an innovative, life transforming ministry, TWN accepts the call to serve the underserved, to help where help is needed, no matter the skin color, ethnicity, or race. Jesus gave us the task of decimating the Gospel to the world.  Therefore, our goal is to provide spiritual, biblical, educational, social and economic resources as God provides, and to whom He sends us. 

The African Diaspora consist of worldwide communities of people who are descendants of native Africans or African peoples. These communities include, but are not limited to North and South America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, Tobago, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, Ecuador, Middle East, and Asia. 

In these communities are mixed multitudes of people who interact, love and care for one another. TWM, believes that we are all God’s children and intends to proclaim that love is the answer too many, if not all the problems plaguing our communities.

The tragedy of the North African Slave Trade resulted in negative stereotypes of black people and their exclusion from social, political, economic and educational resources and opportunity. TWM believes that human beings are forgiving, resilient, and willing to reconcile with the past, as we all strive to conform to God’s will.

We care about people who suffer daily from hunger and thirst, natural disasters, displacement, and the devastation of war. TWM, having the heart of Jesus Christ, is called to the ministry of working among the people of God, for God. And so, we accept the responsibility to teach, “Love thy neighbor,” which includes helping people who need help.

TWM proclaims that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. We believe that Jesus came to save the entire human race from sin and death. The apostle John said, “And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”  And so, our mission is to teach and preach the love of God, and the love of one person for another.