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Liquid Black Soap/ Body Wash – 8 oz.




Our Dead Sea Mineral Body
Wash: Shea Butter
combines all the benefits of
minerals from the Dead Sea
with the powerful
nourishment of shea butter.
Minerals from the Dead Sea
have a number of benefits.
They are a natural exfoliant.
They replenish skin
moisture. They clean and
purify pores. They calm skin
conditions such as eczema,
allergies and psoriasis. They
fight free radicals that cause
aging. They sooth aching
joints and muscles. Shea
butter is like a superfood for
your skin. It has a
concentration of vitamins
and fatty acids that
nourishes your skin. It is a
great remedy for dry skin. It
helps to reduce skin
inflammation and combat
acne. It boosts the natural
collagen and softens and
strengthens skin. It reduces
the appearance of wrinkles.
All of those benefits come
from natural and organic
ingredients with no dyes or
artificial chemicals. Get all
the benefits of both Dead
Sea salts and shea butter in
one fantas


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