Small Victory for Mali’s Protesters


Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is under pressure from opposition groups to resign following deadly demonstrations calling for political reforms. The President’s son, Karim Keita announced his resignation as head of parliament’s defence committee amid the public furor in the West African nation.

At least 11 protesters were killed and 150 people injured in days of clashes between Malian security forces and protesters who targeted government buildings during anti-government marches in the capital Bamako, according to Mali’s Secretary General for Health Mama Couma. Access to social media and messaging platforms including Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook have been partially restricted for most of the population since the protests began Friday, Netblocks said on Monday.

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The street demonstrations were organized by opposition coalition group M5-RFP and its supporters calling for a transitional government.

Protesters ransacked the country’s parliament while another group besieged the national broadcaster’s office in an attempt to force the broadcasters to air the demonstrations on Friday.

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