Solar Powered Kiosks, a Genius Way of Promoting Renewable Energy


Solar powered kiosks can go a long way in solving Africa’s power and energy problems, as well as connectivity problems. They are already being used in Rwanda.

Solar powered kiosks are great innovative devices in promoting renewable energy and access to the internet.

Having a mobile phone is one thing. And charging it is also another thing. This becomes apparent against the backdrop of a continent that is still grappling with providing universal electrical power to everyone. Where there is no electricity, solar-powered kiosks fill in the gap. In Rwanda, these portable solar-powered kiosks are already being used by people for charging their phones.

Apart from charging phones, these mobile kiosks also serve as Wi-Fi hotspots. It is innovation that is easy-looking but has enormous impact. It is also an innovation that is a clever way of making a living. The mobile kiosks are equipped with 100-watt solar panels and can charge up to 30 phones at one time.

Locally, they are known as . For users to access this, they have to part with 5 cents to fully charge a phone and they have to pay 3 cents for 10 minutes of Wi-Fi at the kiosks. The kiosks are developed by African Renewable Energy Distributor (ARED). They call their solar kiosk idea “business in a box.” Their objective is to empower communities through providing these easily accessible services.