Stormy Wellington promotes economic excellence for African Americans


The country is currently in a transformation stage.  Like no other, the world is taking notice of the disparities that African Americans experience daily.  The voiceless, the invisible and many times forgotten people have been overlooked for centuries.  Today, the modern-day Harriet Tubman, Stormy Wellington, steps forward to equip people of color with a true weapon of defense, “Economic Excellence”.

Stormy Wellington, the world’s highest paid African American in Network Marketing is determined to change the narrative of millions of the worlds forgotten.  Her goal over the next 12 months is to develop 100 new minority millionaires. Stormy Wellington, the leader of a voiceless nation turns her pain into victory for millions across the country.

Stormy is the visionary of 1000 Families, an organization devoted to creating over 1000 6-figure earning families, which happen to be minority in most cases.  Stormy accomplishes this by detailed business coaching, strategy and providing a vehicle of economic growth (a high demand at home business opportunity).

No stranger to controversy, Stormy has stood her ground on issues surrounding Economic Excellence related to the African American community.  She believes that true power requires economic support.  With this, true change is possible.  Stormy is currently building a multi-million-dollar subdivision, a state of the art “Flying Biscuit” and a distribution center for her lucrative CBD line Wells CBD.