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Trueword Ministries is an evangelism ministry committed to the proclamation of the gospel, and the continuation of the work Jesus Christ began over 2000 years ago.  Trueword Ministries’ goal is to reach out to the African Diaspora, sharing events and stories which reflect the everyday lives of Black people the world over. In doing so, we hope to foster  a sense of community among Black people who have been separated by time and distance.

Passion and compassion come to life when we are informed; it is our prayer that God will unite our hearts and minds as we reflect on the stories and events taking place throughout the African Diaspora.

We accept stories that reflect life in the African Diaspora. We believe that the better we know one another, the better we can help, support, respect, and love one another. Anyone can submit stories to  Upon review, you will hear form us if your story will be used.