The Most Famous Combat Unit of World War I was Black


The most famous African-American Combat Unit of WWI, known as the Harlem Hellfighters, or originally the 369th Infantry Regiment of the 93rd Division, was composed of African-American soldiers serving the segregated U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army did not send African-Americans in WWI to battle due to segregation and racism, whites thought the black soldiers would not useful during battle. So instead of fighting for their country they were digging ditched, building road and supplying the frontline for the soldiers.

The Harlem Hellfighter’s Regiment would soon prove the segregated army wrong. These soldiers were readily accepted by the French Army which needed reinforcement. After being trained, they took part in combat and began to build a legacy.



This, firstly neglected and underestimated group of true warriors soon became the most respected, most feared, group of soldiers of their time. This Allied unit was constantly pushing the borderline forward with intense bravery and strength.

The Harlem Hellfighter spent more days on the frontline than any other regimen during the war, 191 days. It is this type of bravery that made them famous during the war, so famous that other countries gave them nicknames like the Men of Bronze but the Harlem Hellfighters stuck with them. Why “Harlem” Hellfighters? Because the majority of their unit was from Harlem.

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