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The Kingdom Of God, Where The Servants Heart Is Welcome

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Jesus Christ found me when I was buried up to my nose in sin. He rescued me, and patiently ushered me through the continuum of change. Change is a synonym for repentance; so that the process of change keeps me humble and ever willing to learn. My motivation to continue on this journey is Jesus.  Matthew 20:28 says, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many.”  Like Jesus, as I strive to serve others; that way, my life is more meaningful and purpose driven.  Please get involved in our ministry, and let’s work together to serve other.

Why True Word Ministries Needs Volunteers

We have been tasked with decimating the Gospel of Jesus Christ — to the world that is desperate for change. When TWM accepted Jesus as Lord; God anointed TWM an agent of change. And, like other ministries, we asked God for direction and guidance.

Our mission includes economic empowerment — creating ways to generate income to support ministry, outreach, and programs designed to help the poor improve their quality of life, and build self-worth by identifying their needs, and helping where we can.  

Teaching about Jesus Christ, along with prayer changes lives.  Change is more than giving money; it is volunteering time, ideas, and energy. There are people in villages, and cities who desire nothing more than to see poverty alleviated, access to clean water and nutritious food, educational opportunities and churches to attend.

TWM is called to the ministry of the Kingdom of God.  The heart of the ministry burns to serve and bring change and hope to men, women and children who need help tapping into their talent, skills and ability to work and help themselves.  Together we can help people realize their full potential and develop and realize the full meaning of being created in the image and likeness of God.

 Volunteer Opportunities

Without volunteers, TWM will disappear into the sunset. Therefore, whatever opportunity you decide to volunteer for, just know you are planting seeds in lives that are precious to God.  You can volunteer with us, no matter where you’re located!


Preaching, teaching, podcast, and Bible lessons

Writing articles and and generating reports 

Fundraising and organizational skills


Join Our Board

Administrative, management and organizational leadership

Fundraising, financial management and budgeting skills

Organize events, and help with planning and logistics


Our Website

Depending on your skill set; update our WordPress website

Update and manage social media accounts



Grant Writing, and donation solicitation

Help with nonprofit management and advertising


Creative Skills

Photography & Graphic Design

Help us tell tell our story through pictures and flyers

Office Help

You can help remotely with mailing, phone calls, and paperwork

Networking and relationship building

Ministry Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Please, fill out the form below, and once we receive it, we will contact you to welcome you, and set up orientation. We look forward to speaking with you about your call to ministry.