Sunday, September 26, 2021

Life And Living In Jesus

1 John 2:17 says, “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

Theological Reflection

1 John is believed to be written by John, who was the son of Zebedee and Salome; Salome was the sister of Mary, who was the mother of Jesus.  John was the Jesus’ first cousin.  He wrote the Gospel of John, Revelations, and 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John.  The letters are dated in the first century, between 85 A.D. and 95 A.D.

We are born into a culture designed to indoctrinate us into addictive behavior; it becomes easy and acceptable to crave pleasure, materialism, and self-glorification. The world has the power to create love; love for fulfillment of sinful desires, love for things that the eyes can see, love for things we can touch all feel.

1 John 2:16 says, “For everything in the world — the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eye, and the boasting of what he has and does — comes not from the Father but from the world.”

In a world ruled by satan, and facilitated by the will of human beings; we place supreme value in possessions and human resources. We care more for the world dominated by institutions of human beings, then we do for other human beings.

The human tendency is to have faith in a world that is impermanent and transient.  We crave and lust for a world that is sentenced to death, even though we see it dying right in front of our eyes.

And so, John points to the precious gift of eternal life in Christ. 

2 Corinthians 2:18 says, “So fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 

The physical senses will cause blindness; blindness that looses sight of faith.  And where there is no faith, it becomes impossible to follow and obey the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

When we denounce and rebuke the ways of the world, and live by faith (God’s word) it pleases God.  God in Christ, calls us to live in obedience to the commandment of divine love.  And in doing so we share in the life of God, wherein there is eternal life.


Lord God, we prostrate ourselves before you acknowledging that you are the beginning and the end; Alpha and Omega. Father, you are the eternal God, who loves us so much that you gave your only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not parish, but have eternal life. Father, with all our heart, soul, and mind we believe in your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, bless you and thank you for all you did as the incarnate Son of God. Thank you for dying for the sins of the world, thank you for defeating death, and thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gift of life in you, life eternal. Amen

Stephen Small

Stephen Small

Rev. Small realized God was present in his life as a child, and grew into an adult with a passion for knowing and understanding God, people and the difficulties of life. Rev. Small soon came to know Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit as he experienced the storms, trails, and tribulations of life as a Black man in America. Rev. Stephen C. Small survived numerous demonic assaults on his life, which gave meaning to God’s grace and mercy. Rev. Small reasoned that God’s presence in the world gives hope, meaning and purpose; it is the essence of learning, love and relationships. Rev. Small humbled himself and opened his heart and mind to listening, learning and obeying God. On sabbatical from a business career, Rev. Small earned a Biblical Studies degree, and Master of Divinity. Rev. Small’s faith and dedication to serving God is the reason he created Trueword Ministry; TWM’s website as an evangelism tool, designed to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africans, African Descendants and all people created in God's image.

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