What we gathered from the rivalry between Africans and Black Americans on Twitter


What comes to mind when you think the cultural and racial difference is of course the dynamics between the black and white race. Especially if you consider all that is going on right now. But as seen on Twitter today, we were given yet another glimpse of the tension that exists within the black community.

Whether African-American or African, our different realities still hinder us from true integration. As black people, we find ourselves facing discrimination from all angles.

Even within the same region, you can still find these disparities. The slightest differences cause unnecessary feuds and the black race suffers the most from this. This is common place among the different tribes in Nigeria, and/or with the different religions practiced in Nigeria. And even within the same religion, there are denominations that divide us even further.

There always seems to be a reason why people just can’t get along and these reasons are clogs in the wheel of progress, here in Africa and all other parts of the world.

On Twitter today, an African-American woman made an insensitive remark on the state of technology in Africa, specifically the WiFi.

Since then, Africans have gone on a tirade, stressing that in spite of using our voices to join the African-American struggles and protests against discrimination in our own way, it is a sad development that ‘Black Americans’ don’t care about Africans.

Conversations in the trend got so heated that a number of insensitive tweets were put out, degrading the death and brutality of African-Americans at the hands of racist policemen.